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15 January, 2004

Salmon Wellington

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  You’ll need: 1lb.(approx.) Salmon fillet, skinned and trimmed to measure about “8×4” One pie crust (from your store’s refrigerator section, the kind you unroll) One or two large portabello mushrooms, sliced Fresh sprigs of rosemary and thyme salt, pepper and olive oil One well beaten egg Preheat oven to 350-375F Lay the pie crust
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9 January, 2004

Rosemary shrimp ala Spiceguy

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You’ll need some big shrimp, shelled and deveined. A couple straight branches of fresh rosemary with most of the leaves removed. A jar of preminced garlic. Olive oil. And a hot barbeque… Lay about five shrimp on their sides, front-to-back on your work surface. Trim the large end of the rosemary branch to make it
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8 January, 2004

chicken under a brick

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Besides a chicken you need a barbecue, a pizza pan, and a brick. Butterfly the chicken by cutting along each side of, and removing, the backbone. Open it up so it’s flat. Work your fingers in between the skin and flesh to seperate the skin from the bird. Don’t remove it . Take about a
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